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Our Farm

Special High Altitude Coffee


Our Land: Specialty 100% Colombian Arabica Coffee...in Apia, where the Andes touch the sky, a divine coffee is born... Apia, a small high mountain coffee village, located centrally on the Colombian Coffee Axis (cultural heritage of humanity) and protected by three national parks, has very special climatic and geological conditions for growing specialty coffee, the volcanic soil is rich in many minerals, essential factor in achieving an exquisite flavor; the immaculate purity of the high altitudes of the Andes, at 1,800 m. provides a microclimate ideal to obtain an extraordinary coffee, abundan rainfall (2,300 mm.); a moderate temperature of 19 °C and cloudy skies allow slow ripening during which all the riches of the soil are absorbed by the coffee trees. The coffee cherries are hand-picked at the height of maturity, resulting in a magnificent flavor.

100% Colombian arabica of unique farm as the Flor de Apia® coffee is.


Where the Andes touch the sky


AMOCAFE: From the high mountains of Colombia


The hand-picked coffee cherries at their optimum moment of maturity...


...which will cherish your 5 senses.


100% Specialty Colombian Coffee...


...result in a coffee of extraordinary body and flavor.