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Our Company

AmoCafé® is a special coffee concept, created by true artisans who make a simple act of drinking a cup of coffee into a truly unique moment. It is a special character coffee with medium-high balanced body and excellent sweet aftertaste. Cultivated ecologically in Flor de Apia® at high mountain altitude, harvested by hand in their optimum moment of ripeness, wet washed, sun-dried, roasted in cutting edge technology fluidized bed roasters and immediately packed, so reaching the final consumer, immaculate from the farm where it was born... a perfect product, which will cherish your 5 senses. 

Characteristics and Other Details

  • Special Coffee to Everybody.
  • Our coffee bags only contain 100% high mountain Arabica single state coffee, - Product of the perfect harmony between nature and technology. 
  • AmoCafé® it’s a social and ecological pioneer concept to create a better world.
  • All phases of the process are controlled by the quality analysts in our own laboratory on the farm.

Brand Personality
AmoCafé® is not another simple or common coffee brand, AmoCafe® it’s a 100% Colombian quality arabica coffee, around the world the best coffee.

Colombian Coffee is AmoCafé® your coffee brand.


Our Values



Provide a real 100% Colombian Single Origen State Arabica Coffee to our community trough building a new coffee concept and in this way satisfying senses, tastes and needs of our customers. Our effort and dedication: Always maintain that special taste. AMOCAFE: From Our Crop to Your Cup.”



Position AmoCafé® as one of the leading coffee brands with a new coffee concept and be a business model reflected on maintain high standard Quality, Control, Values, Ethical and Philosophy procedures in all and each of our valuable Franchises, Customers and Products.



AmoCafé®’s ideal is the progress and welfare of its village. Therefore the coffee growers’ families are called to make part of its Association of Small Farmers "Procafés", who invests all its benefits in improving the lives of the member families through several programs covering all essential aspects such as health, education and social protection.